Got questions? Fire away!

My child is shy – will they fit in?

We totally understand that some children feel shy and nervous beforehand, especially if they’ve never been to a dance class before.

But please don’t worry – we’re a very friendly group, no-one here thinks they’re too cool for school!

We always help newbies settle in and make sure they feel part of the group. In fact, one of the nicest things about running Ealing Street Dance Academy is seeing the kids become good friends.

And don’t forget new children join every week, so your child won’t be alone.

What can my child expect from their first class?

First and foremost, a warm Ealing Street Dance Academy welcome. We’ll introduce them to the group, then it’s straight into the class.

Don’t worry, they’ll have a fantastic time.

My child’s never danced before – will they be out of their depth?

We provide a safe and positive environment that’s ideal for first-timers.

Whether your child has never danced before, has two left feet, or can give Diversity a run for their money, they’ll fit right in at Ealing Street Dance Academy.

All we ask is they turn up regularly, bring bundles of enthusiasm, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll dish out loads of encouragement and turn them into confident movers in no time.

My child lacks confidence – will street dance help?

We guarantee it! Dance is really liberating and does wonders for kids’ self esteem.

One of the most rewarding things about running Ealing Street Dance Academy is seeing the kids’ confidence grow. We’ve been privileged to see some very shy children really come out of themselves and strut their stuff with real swagger.

How are the classes structured?

We kick things off with a quick warm-up, and for the under 5s and infant classes we also play a few games to get them in the mood.

Then we get down to business.

Each week we work on a routine, which the kids typically perform at a show or public performance.

It’s much more motivating for the kids when they know they’ll get to perform the routine in front of an audience.

Can I stay and watch the class?

As a rule, we strongly advise that you don’t stay behind. This is because your child will inevitably be distracted by your presence, which makes it harder for them to follow the class.

That said, we totally appreciate some children – especially the very young ones – can feel nervous about going into a new environment and meeting new people. In these instances, we suggest you stay for ten minutes to check your child’s OK then slip away.

For the first class, if you feel you need to stay for until the end, that’s fine. However we ask that you don’t sit in on the second class, as this makes the separation even harder.

Does my child have to attend every week?

Ideally, yes. Obviously there’ll be some weeks when they can’t make it. But we do ask for regular attendance, as we’re often working towards a show, performance or exam, and children can lose pace with the group if they miss too many classes.

If you’re going to be away for a few weeks – on holiday, for example – please let us know and we’ll hold your child’s place open.

If your child doesn’t turn up for three consecutive weeks and we don’t hear from you, we’ll assume they no longer want to attend and we’ll offer their place to someone else.

My child has special needs – can they join?

Ealing Street Dance Academy is an inclusive dance school – we do our best to accommodate every child.

When you book a class, please let us know the nature of your child’s needs and we’ll get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Do I have to book? Or can I just turn up?

You’ll need to book here, as some classes are full.

Can my child join at any time during the term?

Yes, but please get in touch here first.

What group will my child be put in?

We assign children according to their age. Please see the Ealing Street Dance Academy timetable.

How much are classes?

£84 per term
£67.20 for siblings (20% sibling discount)


Where exactly is Ealing Street Dance Academy?

We run classes at St.Benedict’s School, Eaton Rise, W5 2ES


How do I find the dance studio at St Benedict’s?

For the 10am, 11am and 12pm classes, use the junior school entrance on Montpelier Avenue. Walk through the gates and down the steps into the playground. You’ll see the sports hall on your left – go inside, turn right, then go upstairs to the dance studio.

For all afternoon classes from 1pm onwards, use the St Benedict’s senior school entrance on Marchwood Crescent. Go through the gate and enter the sports hall straight in front of you (you’ll see an Ealing Street Dance Academy banner in the lobby). Turn right then go upstairs to the dance studio.

What should my child bring / wear to class? 

You need freedom to move when you dance, so we suggest leggings / jogging bottoms / shorts, t-shirt, and trainers / plimsolls.

And don’t forget dancing is thirsty work, so please bring a water bottle (there’s a water fountain downstairs in case you forget).

Is there an Ealing Street Dance Academy uniform?

We don’t believe in uniforms at Ealing Street Dance Academy – the kids can express themselves however they like.

That said, many of them like wearing Ealing Street Dance Academy t-shirts and hoodies to classes.

All dancers are required to wear an ESDA t-shirt for public performances.

Where can I buy an Ealing Street Dance Academy t-shirt / hoody?

T-shirts, hoodies and ESDA merchandise can be purchased at the dance studios during class time. Please email if you would like to place an order.