Street Dance Exams

Who are the exams for?
  • Everyone!
  • Every ESDA dancer has the opportunity to work through the exam grades and earn certificates, awards, medals and trophies.
  • The street dance exams also cover breakdance, and even our Under 5s can enter.
How do the exams work?
  • An examiner from the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) will visit the studio towards the end of term.
  • Dancers will perform one or more routines, depending on which grade they’re taking.
  • They’ll perform in small groups – don’t worry, no-one will have to perform on their own.
  • And it’ll be a routine they already know, so no extra classes to prepare them for the exam.
  • The examiner will assess them on three criteria: rhythmic interpretation, presentation, and technique.
What's so great about street dance exams?
  • Performing in front of an examiner helps dancers to really focus on their technique and presentation, and supports their overall development.
  • The exams are also brilliant for building dancers’ confidence. Working toward grades and earning awards gives dancers a real sense of achievement, and lets them chart their progress at ESDA.
Are the exams compulsory?
  • Nope! We totally understand that some children may not want to enter.
  • ESDA is about having fun. We want every child to love coming to class – there’s absolutely no pressure on them to take an exam if they don’t want to.
How much does the exam cost?
  • £25 per dancer.
Is there a sibling discount?
  • Afraid not. The IDTA charges us for every dancer taking the exam.
When is the exam?
  • The next set of exams will run all day, on Saturday 7th December 2019.
  • Your child’s group will be allocated a time-slot to perform their routine. They’ll be required for the full hour, as they’ll practise before the exam.
  • Just so you know, we’re aiming to schedule the exams around the time of your child’s class, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee this. It’s possible they’ll need to attend at a different time. We’ll let you know your child’s time-slot as soon as possible.
Interested? Here’s what to do...
  • Let myself or Danielle know when you drop off your child on Saturday, so we can register them with the examination board.
  • Please bring £25 in a sealed envelope, with your child’s name and group clearly printed on the front.
  • The exam fee must be paid in the date time advertised by, otherwise we won’t be able to register them with the examination board in time.
  • Date to be confirmed  for next exam.

During this lockdown period, we will be streaming our street and breakdance classes live on Zoom every Saturday.

Contact to register your child now!