Ashim Bhowmick

Assistant Teacher & Choreographer
Ash studied breakdance with Foundationz led by first generation Bboys like Skam ne, Bboy Kamer and Bboy Johnny.

He continued his training in breaks with Hip Hop Collective SIN (Strength in Numbers) Cru and Total Response led by Bboy Nino, working with Zak D, aka TopKat, from the original Groundbreakers Crew, and delivered workshops and training to schools and colleges in and around London

Throughout his career Ash has performed at live events such as Pop Idol, Top of the Pops and performed at the o2 with his fellow B-boys.

He also is an accomplished Martial Arts Artist. Trained at the AWA. He connects dance philosophy with martial arts philosophy.

Ash is all about developing confidence and self-belief in the children and young people he works with and sees the art of breakdance as having many therapeutics qualities. His dedication and love for breakdance in its purest form is unparalleled and our kids love his energy, his enthusiasm and his passion for what he does.