Danielle Thompson

General Manager

Danielle is ESDA’s General Manager Extraordinaire.


The loveliest, most special and cherished lady ever, we love her to bits and couldn’t do without her here at Ealing Street Dance Academy. As she’s just so wonderful, here are some interesting facts about Danielle:

– She was a children’s entertainer for Haven for a three years and then became an SEN Coordinator for a nursery, working with children under 5

– She worked as a session coordinator at Urban Academy for 9 years, working with under privileged children and teenagers who came to learn street dance at the local youth project and outreach programme.

– She’s also been a Mentor for Richmond Housing Project, working with vulnerable young people.

Not only is Danielle a skilled communicator and excellent at managing and organising people, parents, children and whoever/whatever else needs sorting, but she’s also an actress and singer and her credits include:

– Mother Abbess, The Sound of Music
– Chester the Jester, Sleeping Beauty
– Comedy Duo Merlot, Cinderella
– Super Numeral, An Inspector Calls, Richmond Theatre
– Wife of Scrooge, A Christmas Carol
– Lead soprano, Buckets, Orange Tree Theatre
– Creative Producer, Beauty & The Beast

She’s also run 3 marathons – what a star!