Got questions? Fire away!

What should my child wear? Is there a uniform?
Uniform, schmuniform! Wear whatever they like – just go for something dance-friendly (leggings, joggers, that kinda of thing) and trainers with decent support. The only thing we ask is that each dancer has an ESDA t-shirt for performances and exams. Parents are required to purchase when their child starts.
My child's shy - will they be OK?
We love shy kids! Helping them come out of their shell and grow in confidence is what we do.

Trust us – they’re gonna love it.

My child's never danced before - will they struggle?
We all gotta start somewhere – and there’s no better and more supportive somewhere than ESDA.

Stick at it for one term and you’ll be amazed how far they come.

How do you structure your classes?
For the infants and under 5s, we kick things off with some confidence-boosting dance warm-up games. For the older kids, it’s a thorough limber-up and stretch.

Then we crack on with the fun-but-serious stuff – the kids learn choreography and develop routines which they’ll eventually perform for either their street dance exam, a summer festival, or our annual dance production.

Can I stay and watch the class?
If your child is attending an under 5s class, parents can stay for the first class, see them settle and make sure we’re doing a good job. If your child is attending any other class, we politely ask parents not o as it tends to distract them and stop them from bedding in.
My child has additional needs - can they join?

We will do EVERYTHING we can to accommodate them. Give us a ring and we’ll see how we can help.

Do I have to book? Or can I just turn up?

Some classes are full, so please book here first.

How much are classes?

£150.00 per 12-week term.

Brucie Bonus!
20% discount for siblings – £120.00 per sibling, per term.

20% discount if you book any additional class.