Boredom-busting dance and drama holiday courses!

Ealing Street Dance Academy’s popular dance, music and drama holiday courses run every Easter and during the summer holidays.

They spend the week honing their acting skills, brushing up on their vocals and rap technique(!) and refining their street dance moves, then blow the parents’ smelly socks off with a mini-show in a theatre.

By the end of the week the kids can’t wait to perform in the theatre. It’s a really exciting, confidence-boosting way for them to end the course and show their proud parents how far they’ve come.

If your child is nervous, don’t worry. The courses are really friendly and laid back, and our dance and drama teachers dish out loads of encouragement.

We often see wallflowers blossom into budding thesps by the end of the week (one child refused to go home with his Mum until he’d discussed it with his agent).

Ealing Street Dance Academy - Holiday Courses