ESDA kids stormed it in their last dance comp up in Luton this February, with lots of our elite dancers coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd and many of our junior dancers killing it and still winning trophies despite this being their first comp!

Well done everyone – outstanding as always x

Solo Freestyle

Aaron Clarke, 4th place, advanced solos
Oscar Bhowmick, 5th place, beginners solos
Alissyah Philip, 3rd place, beginners solos


Aaron & Michelle, 1st place, U15’s Advanced
Freya & Alissyah, 1st place, U12’s Inters
Zoe & Asia, 4th place, U12’s Inters
Emily & Lex, 5th place, U15’s Inters
Ruby & Louise, 2nd place, U15’s Inters
Lily & Amelie, 5th place, U15’s Beginners
Oscar & Jimmy, 3rd place, U13’s Beginners


IDENTITY, 1st place, adult Crew
NEUTRON, 3rd place, U13’s Beginners


Lex Sarwan, Top 11